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Louis Trichardt - Heart of Africa

Louis Trichardt, situated in the Limpopo Province, is the pure reflection of untamed Africa. Vast expanses of mountains guarding the symphony of beauty as the bushveld play with your cicada symphonies heralding hot breathless afternoons; the call of the night-jar punctuating the cover of darkness.

The Limpopo Province is a land of dramatic contrasts characterized by hot savannah plains and mist-clad mountains; age-old indigenous forests and cycads alongside latter-day plantations; ancient mountain fortresses and the luxury of contemporary infrastructure and modern-day facilities.

Steeped in history, the Limpopo Province celebrates a rich cultural heritage and at many archaeological sites the mysteries of the past are still being unearthed. The present tranquility of the province belies a turbulent past, to which many monuments and museums attest.

When searching for property investments in Louis Trichardt, South Africa, you need not look further than Limpopo. Limpopo with it's natural beauty and heritage, borders Mozambique to the north east, Zimbabwe to the north and Botswana to the north west.

Limpopo is divided into 5 districts:

  • The Capricorn District

  • The Waterberg District

  • The Vhembe District

  • The Mopani District

  • The Sekhukhune District

The Limpopo province offers natural beauty and great property real estate investment opportunitiesLimpopo also share the world renown Kruger National Park with Mpumalanga and borders Mpumalanga to the south east. The southern borders is shared with Gauteng and the North West Province. Because of it's central position Limpopo serves as the main vain to other African countries such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique

Limpopo offers fantastic property investments especially in game farms and holiday farms. For the entrepreneur that wants to invest in the tourism drive that Limpopo has look no further. Limpopo has everything to offer.

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